Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (2024)

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Hermès is well known for their stunning Birkin bags, but this French luxury brand has loads of other incredible bags on offer, just check out this list of the best Hermès bags.

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The French fashion house was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, first creating high-quality harnesses for the horse and carriage. The brand soon expanded to other types of saddlery and it wasn’t until Thierry’s grandson took over the brand that Hermès began to produce clothing and leather goods. Handbags were added to the collection in 1922 and they quickly became a favorite among the wealthy society in Europe.

Now, Hermès is one of the most famous bag manufacturers as well as creates a stunning collection of ready-to-wear fashion each year. If you are thinking about getting your hands on a bag from this famous brand, it is worth checking out all your options before making a decision. So this list of the 10 best Hermès bags is here to help you figure out which bag is best for you!

10 best Hermes bags

1. The Birkin Bag

The Hermès Birkin bag is one of the most famous and iconic handbags in the world – recognized as the pinnacle of luxury fashion and seen as an exclusive status symbol. The bag dates back to 1984, and was designed due to a chance meeting between the fashion icon and actress Jane Birkin and the Hermès creative director at the time, Jean-Louis Dumas.

Jane Birkin commented how her current handbag was not practical and was too small for all she needed to carry. This prompted Dumas to design a new bag, alongside Jane Birkin, eventually creating the Birkin bag. The handbag, with its spacious interior, double top handles, and locked belt at the front, was an instant hit and now has been in demand for decades, with a long waiting list to join if you want to get your hands on this bag.

There have been many different Birkin Bags created over the years, with a range of different leathers, hardware, and colors available. The East-West, Cargo, Shadow, Faubourg, and Touch are just some of the limited edition Birkin’s that have been made and are now viewed as collector’s items.

In recent years, the smaller 25, 28, and 30 sizes have been the most popular in practical Togo and Epsom leathers, and it’s always a safe bet to go for neutral colors, these are endlessly stylish and deserve a place in your wardrobe. An exotic leather Birkin Bag is an excellent investment as the resale price for these rare bags is always increasing.

Variations We Love
Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (3)

Togo Birkin 30

$27,500 at Fashionphile

Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (4)

Cargo Hac 40 Birkin Bag

$89,875 at 1st Dibs

Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (5)

Birkin Shoulder Leather Bag

$10,463 at 1st Dibs

2. The Kelly Bag

Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (6)

The Hermès Kelly bag sits just behind the Birkin Bag in the ranks of the most famous and desirable handbags. The Kelly bag also has a long and rich history; originally released in 1935, named the Sac à dépêches, the bag was soon renamed the Kelly bag after the actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly wore this bag in the 1955 film To Catch A Thief and fell in love with it, then in 1956 once she became Princess of Monaco, Kelly was seen carrying this bag to hide her baby bump and it immediately became incredibly popular, eventually renamed the Kelly bag in 1977.

Just like the Birkin bag, there is now a waiting list to buy a Kelly bag and there are a whole plethora of different Kelly bags to choose from. Limited editions Kelly bags include the East-West, Flag, Kelly Doll, and most recently the Kelly II Sellier en Desordre 20 bag, which was first spotted on the Fall/Winter 2022 runway and is trending for this year.

Again, neutral colors, such as Black, Gold, and Etoupe are always a popular choice, and Epsom, Swift, and Togo leathers are favorites due to their durability. The size 20 Kelly bags are currently very popular and super fashionable, fitting in with the mini bags trend, but the 25 and 28 bags are a great option since they are a little larger to fit all your everyday essentials inside.

Variations We Love

3. The Constance Bag

The Hermès Constance bag is often seen as the third handbag in the Hermès Holy Trinity, after the Birkin and the Kelly. The Constance bag was first added to the Hermès cannon in 1959 and it became an instant classic because of its sleek, polished, and practical design. The Constance was designed by Catherine Chaillet and was named after her daughter, Constance, who was born on the same day that the first bag was made.

The bag can take between 14 and 18 hours to create, with a structured silhouette, adjustable leather strap, and striking gold H closure on the front flap. This bag is available in three different sizes, the 14, the 18, and the 24, with the 18 proving the most popular, while there is also the Elan Constance which is rarer with a more rectangular shape.

There is a wide range of colors available to suit any personal style, while the most popular leathers are the Box Swift leathers, which have a shiny finish for a luxe look, but this bag is also available in Epsom and Chevre Mysore leather. Most Constance bags have either silver or gold hardware, but there are some Constance Cartable bags with an enamel H that matches the color of the leather – so chic!

Jacqueline Kennedy, Emily Ratajkowski, and Diane Kruger are all fans of the Constance bag, so why not add one to your own handbag collection?

Variations We Love
Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (11)

Chevre Mysore Constance 18

$11,250 at Fashionphile

Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (12)

Black Sombrero Leather Constance Cartable

$22,319 at 1st Dibs

4. The Picotin Bag

The Hermès Picotin bag was added to the collection in 2002, but it takes inspiration from the fashion house’s equestrian heritage which dates back to 1837. Hermès was originally founded as a brand that crafted luxury equestrian equipment for the wealthiest in French society before the Hermès expanded into handbags, leather goods, and clothing in the 1920s.

The Picotin bag has a bucket bag-style silhouette, inspired by to a horse’s feeding bag, while the name Picotin refers to the measurement unit of horse feed. This bag has a sleek, minimalist, practical design, left unlined for a lightweight finish, with two leather top handles, a strap closure with a Kelly padlock, and four feet to protect the base of the bag.

There are four different sizes of Picotin available, the 18, which is the most popular, the 22 and 26 which are the larger, more spacious options, and the most recent addition, the 14 which was created due to the popularity of mini bags.

Most Hermès Picotin bags are crafted from Taurillon Clemence leather, which has a durable, pebbled finish, but there are also limited edition Picotin bags available, including the Cargo, with extra pockets, and the Lucky Daisy, with a cute daisy pattern. There are plenty of different colors to choose from as well so you can find the perfect one to suit your personal style.

Variations We Love
Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (14)

Taurillon Clemence Picotin Lock 18 PM

$5,350 at Fashionphile

Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (15)

Micro Lucky Daisy Picotin

$8,610 at 1st Dibs

5. The Evelyne Bag

The Evelyne bag also has a fascinating history, inspired by the equestrian heritage of the Hermès brand, and making its debut in 1978. The design and silhouette of this bag are based on the carryall bags that were once used to carry horse grooming equipment, with the perforated holes as a practical addition to encourage airflow to dry off the equipment.

The Evelyne was designed and named after the head of the Hermès riding department, Evelyne Bertrand, and at first, was only available to the riding department, but then in the early 2000s, the bag was transferred to the leather goods department, and it quickly became a favorite of Hermès handbag fans.

This chic bag has a stylish and understated look, with a rectangular silhouette, softly curved corners, an H design perforated into the leather, and a crossbody strap. There have been many different Evelyne bags over the years, with different features, but the most recent edition, the Evelyne III features an external pocket and an adjustable strap.

The Evelyne is available in four different sizes, the smallest is the TPM, then PM, GM, and then TGM, which is the largest in the range. The TPM is very small, fitting in with the micro bag trend, so the PM and GM are the best options for an everyday bag that can fill all your essentials.

Just like all Hermès, the Evelyne is available in plenty of different colors, and several different types of leather, most commonly the Taurillon Clemence and Taurillon Maurice leather which are known for their practicality and durability.

Variations We Love

Taurillon Clemence Evelyne III PM

$4,015 at Fashionphile

Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (18)

Taurillon Clemence Allegro Evelyne TPM

$3,795 at Fashionphile

6. The Lindy Bag

Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (19)

The Lindy bag is one of the more recent additions to the Hermès bag collection, debuting in 2007 when Jean-Paul Gaultier was creative director. The Lindy was designed by Frédéric Vidal, with the aim to create a more flexible bag that fitted against the body and practical top handles that were more comfortable for the wearer.

This is why the Lindy bag has a softer, slouchier silhouette to comfortably fit against the wearer’s body, while the rolled top handles sit on each side of the bag, which makes the bag easier to carry since the arm is in a more natural position. There are many other practical features on the Lindy bag, including an additional strap that transforms the Lindy into a shoulder bag, two exterior slip pockets, and a twist lock.

Up until 2019, there were four different sizes of Lindy bag available, the 26, 30, 34, and 45 – the 26 is ideal for everyday wear, while the 45 is better for travel. In 2019, the Mini Lindy 20 was added and was an instant hit.

Most Lindy bags are crafted from Taurillon Clemence leather, which is flexible enough to create the slouchy shape, but there are also ostrich leather, swift leather bags, and limited edition Verso, Eclat, Touch, and Toile Lindy bags. There are lots of colors to choose from, we especially love the bright shade to bring a pop of color to your look.

Variations We Love
Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (20)

Taurillon Clemence Lindy 26

$9,870 at Fashionphile

Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (21)

Mini Lindy Rouge De Coeur Swift Bag

$14,999 at 1st Dibs

7. Herbag

The Hermès Herbag has a slightly more complex history than some of the other Hermès bags, since it was first introduced in the 1980s but then was discontinued in the mid-2000s – you may be able to pick up some of these original Herbags from resale sites but they are rare.

Then in 2009, the Hermès Herbag Zip was released, with the same look as the original Herbag, but with added features, including an external pocket, a zip pocket, and an interior pouch to help you keep everything well organized.

The silhouette of the Herbag mimics that of the popular Kelly bag, but instead of leather, the main body of the bag is made of canvas, and only the top part and the straps are made of leather, which means it has a more accessible price point and a casual look.

The Herbag is one of the most versatile bags, with a top that can detach from the rest of the bag, which means you can pair different canvas colors and patterns, like the limited edition Pegase Pop and H Vibration, with different color leather to create a unique and individual look. There are four different sizes available, the 31 and 39 which are ideal for day-to-day wear, while the 50 and 52 sizes are better for travel.

There is even a backpack version of the Hermès Herbag for a practical, hands-free finish.

Variations We Love
Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (23)

Military Toile Vache Hunter Herbag Zip Retourne 31 PM

$3,745 at Fashionphile

Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (24)

Herbag Zip Pegase Pop 31

$7,275 at 1st Dibs

8. The Garden Party Tote

If you are looking for the ultimate versatile tote, then the Hermès Garden Party is perfect for you! This luxe tote bag is perfect for work, weekends, and traveling due to its strong, sturdy silhouette and roomy interior. The Garden Party was first released in 1964 and quickly became a best-seller for the brand, and has remained as one of Hermès’ most popular bags ever since.

The timeless design makes it a must-have in your wardrobe as a bag that will never go out of style. Most Garden Party totes are made from Toile canvas for a durable finish, while the leather base guarantees a great structure and the expandable sides ensure you can fit everything you need into this one bag. The rolled leather top handles and palladium Clou de Selle snap closure perfectly finish off this gorgeously versatile tote bag.

More recently, the Garden Party was released in Negonda leather, which has a luxurious look but is still super practical, since this leather has a water-resistant and durable finish. There are plenty of different colors to choose from and three different sizes, the 30, 36, and 49 so you can easily find the right Garden Party that suits your personal style and lifestyle.

Variations We Love
Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (26)

Toile Officier Negonda Garden Party Tote 36 MM

$1,255 at Fashionphile

Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (27)

Negonda Garden Party 30 TPM

$5,175 at Fashionphile

9. Bolide

The Hermès Bolide is an iconic bag in the history of handbags since it is the first handbag to feature a zipper closure! Emile-Maurice Hermès, the grandson of the founder of Hermès, pays a visit to Henry Ford in America and is introduced to the zipper. After filing a patent for the zipper to be used for leather goods in 1923, the Bolide was the first bag to be made with a zipper, making it an iconic piece within the Hermès collection.

The Bolide is just as popular now as it was when it was first introduced, with a domed shape, rolled leather top handles, a removable shoulder strap, and a spacious interior. There are two different styles of Bolide to choose from – the Mou which has a more relaxed appearance and the Rigide style which has a more structured, solid shape.

The classic Bolide bag has been made in a range of colors and leathers over the years, including smooth and shiny box leather, durable Epsom leather, and soft swift leather, as well as exotic leathers and toile canvas.

There are two different variations of Bolide, which are each available in different sizes, the original Bolide, which features an oval patch that can be monogrammed, comes in sizes 27, 31, 35, and 45, while the newest Bolide1923, which does not have an oval patch, is available in the mini Bolide, the 25 and the 30. The different colors, sizes, variations, and materials mean there is a whole plethora of gorgeous Bolide bags for you to choose from and add to your collection.

Variations We Love
Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (29)

Box Bolide 35

$2,515 at Fashionphile

Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (30)

Evercolor Verso 1923 Bolide 25

$8,555 at Fashionphile

10. The 24/24 Bag

The Hermès 24/24 was only released in 2018, making it one of the most recent additions to the brand’s leather goods collection. The 24/24 looks similar to the Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags but is much easier to acquire than a Birkin or Kelly.

The bag has a soft structure, with a rectangular shape that slouches in the center, a twist lock on the front flap, and a curved top handle. We love that the 24/24 also comes with a detachable shoulder bag which means you can style it for both day and night wear. There are 2 different sizes to choose from, the 29 and the 35, both spacious enough for all your everyday essentials, while the 35 is best for working and traveling as you can easily fit your laptop inside.

There are also 2 different leather combinations to choose from – Togo with swift calfskin or Clemence with sombrero – the togo will keep its shape better for a more structured look, while the Clemence is softer for a slouchier appearance. The black and gold colors are the most common, while other shades and the bi-color options are much rarer and often only available through special order with your Hermès sales assistant.

Variations We Love
Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (32)

Evercolor Swift 24/24 21

$11,765 at Fashionphile

Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (33)

Togo, Alligator And Swift Leather 24/24 29cm

$24,656 at 1st Dibs

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Hermès Makes Many Bags, But These 10 Are The Best Ones (2024)


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